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Project Description
Warensoft Socket Server is a solo socket server, which never cares about the real logical business. While you could process your socket message with IronPython, and the message processing interface is reserved. And actually the network block and the logic block are completely seperated.
This project is build on .NET Framework4.0, threrefore, anyone who wanna edit the source code should have vs2010 RC in the computer. The new feature,dynamic language of C# is used to invoke the IronPython interface.

The Warensoft Socket Server just only take charge of the follow things:

  1. Listens to the specified ip and port (demonstrated in a IronPython file)
  2. Accepts the socket request and establish the connection
  3. Manages the connections
  4. Sends messages
  5. Receives messages and invoke the related message processing script, which is writen in IronPython

What you should do:

  1. Writing message data structures with IronPython
  2. Writing extension DLLs with C#/VB.NET, and then invoke the DLLs from IronPython
  3. Writing message processing functions with IronPython

What you wonder:

  1. Invoking wcf service from IronPython, you could read this blog(writen in chinese,don't worry about chinese ,just read the code):
  2. IronPython IDE: the recommanded IDE is Eclipse with Pydev

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